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Caye International Bank Wins Five Top Banking Awards for 2021 Performance

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Caye International Bank, headquartered in Ambergris Caye, Belize recently swept the 2021 international banking awards, receiving five of the top awards for the year. Chairman and Attorney, Joel Nagel, attributes the bank’s winning to their high performance in customer services – ensuring integrity, dedication, and innovation through the team’s trustworthiness and reliability – as well as their offering of financial services and products.

Additionally, Caye International Bank’s newly appointed President, Luigi Wewege, received a further two awards for his long-standing career and dedication to the bank and industry.

2021 Banking Awards

Every year, the banking awards are decided by various prestigious global publications. The five awards Caye International Bank won for 2021 are: 

  • Best Offshore Bank for CARICOM 2021: Awarded by International Investor Magazine, the online publication provides insight and analyzes global markets and various investment opportunities.
  • Best Private Bank in Central America: Awarded by Global Banking and Finance Review, the publication explores companies of all sizes while reviewing innovation and strategic changes all within the global financial world.
  • Private Bank of the Year for LATAM 2021: Awarded by Pan Finance Magazine, the publication showcases various individuals and organizations that excel in their respective fields.
  • Best International Private Banking Service Provider 2021 – Belize: Awarded by Corporate Vision Magazine by Al Global Media, the publication highlights global businesses that are on a mission to do better every day, through innovation and agility.
  • Best International Private Bank in Central America for 2021: Awarded by International Business Magazine, the publication provides the latest insight from the financial industry while providing innovative solutions across the market.

In addition to Caye’s success, Luigi Wewege received the Private Bank of the Year LATAM 2021 by Pan Finance Magazine and the Private Banker of the Year CARICOM 2021 by International Investor Magazine, as well as being invited to join the Forbes Finance Council. He attributes his awards to the bank’s international growth as well as the dedication and teamwork of the overall staff and board members to help move Caye International’s trajectory onwards and upwards into 2022.

Caye International Bank has won several awards in previous years including the Best Private Bank in Belize in 2020, 2019, and 2018 by Global Finance Magazine, as well as the Best Offshore Private Bank in Latin America in 2019 and the Most Outstanding Offshore Bank in Central America in 2018 by Wealth and Finance International