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Attorney Joel Nagel to Be Featured Speaker at Escape Artist Conference in Phoenix

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Joel Nagel will speak at the Escape Artist Conference to be held from March 16-17, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona. He will be joined by a number of other experts who will dispense advice to those in attendance about best practices in asset protection, cross-border transactions, and global investment. He will be available to offer his time to speak personally with those seeking to learn more about the possibility of living or working abroad.

About the Conference

The Escape Artist Conference brings expats from all over the world together with those considering that lifestyle in order to hear from experts, sit in on panel discussions, and meet other like-minded individuals. Attendees will hear first-hand about what it is like to live abroad from those doing so successfully.

The conference will cover a variety of topics relevant to living, working, or investing overseas, such as law, real estate, taxes, global investing, medical care, and banking. Experts will speak about taxes, structures, and asset protection and about keeping in compliance with the ever-changing laws.

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