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Joel Nagel Featured Again on Mikkel Thorup’s The Expat Money Show

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Joel Nagel Discussed the Best Countries for Citizenship or Residency-by-Investment on The Expat Money Show with Mikkel Thorup

Joel Nagel was excited to have been featured once again on The Expat Money Show hosted by Mikkel Thorup and aired on Friday, June 7, 2019. Nagel spoke about the countries with the best citizenship and residency-by-investment programs for people that are globally minded.

In addition, Nagel and Thorup discussed the costs of such a move and the considerations you would want to review with a lawyer. These include the extent of your budget, how quickly you would like to make such a decision, where you would want to go, and where you intend to live. Nagel also delves into the difference between investing in a passport and getting a passport as a by-product.

Joel Nagel went into particular detail about the programs maintained by countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, Portugal, Austria, Nevis St. Kitts, Panama, the United States, Australia, Belize, and Colombia. He further explained the reasons why citizens would leave their country for residency in another country altogether as well as why people would invest in any one country over another.

About Mikkel Thorup and The Expat Money Show

Having traveled to over 100 countries over the last two decades, Mikkel Thorup has lived as an expat in numerous places on nearly every continent. He closely monitors extensive opportunities for investment as well as other financial advantages of conducting business overseas. He firmly believes in the freedom of opportunity to live in any country as well as in the pursuit of an international way of life. The Expat Money Show assists expats with finding supplemental sources of income, reducing their tax bills, and utilizing offshore assets to live freely and financially worry-free.

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