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Financial Security in a Political Crisis – Joel Nagel and Buck Sexton Discuss Threats and Solutions

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Joel Nagel recently hosted a very special guest on The Global Wealth Fortress Report podcast series. Buck Sexton is a radio host and podcaster, political commentator and writer, who has filled in for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. He is best known as the co-host of the popular “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show” for Premiere Radio Networks, broadcast on nearly 400 stations across the country. Sexton’s unique, insider perspective on national and global political and economic events and trends made for an unmissable conversation with Joel Nagel, international legal and financial strategist.

The discussion was both fascinating and informative. Sexton talked about his early career in the tense, post-911 period, working for six years as a CIA Counterterrorism Analyst and NYPD Intelligence Research Specialist. When asked how his past had impacted his career today, Sexton described the CIA training modules in media and presentation. He elaborated on the analysis skills required for his work in counterterrorism and intelligence, explaining how his ability to identify essential information was crucial to the big decisions being made at that time.

Coming to the present day, Buck Sexton gave his view on the current situation of runaway inflation in the US, and its origins as a politically caused problem. This led to the discussion of what we could expect by way of a political solution, as we teeter on the brink of a full scale recession. We learn what Sexton, as a political analyst, thinks of the consumer price index statistics that are provided by the government, as compared to the shadow statistics and the harsh reality lived by the public in day to day life.

In regards to the possibility of political change in the near future, Sexton talked in detail about the recent mid-term elections. He highlighted the media focus on non-economic issues, rather than on objective accountabilities for the damaging economic mismanagement by current and previous administrations. After explaining how such mainstream media bias affected Democrat and Republican voters alike in the mid-terms, and how the referendum was not really on economic matters, Sexton described what he thinks will happen in future elections, who the candidates will be, and the outcomes of another four years of Democrat leadership. He emphasized the way statistics may be used to make the current economic crisis seem less dramatic than it really is. Social media bias was also called into the debate, and Sexton expressed serious concerns about the question of free speech censorship on major social media platforms.

In conclusion, Joel Nagel asked about Sexton’s personal strategy for wealth protection in these uncertain economic times, which included long-term security through investment in hard assets such as precious metals or real estate. The Global Wealth Fortress Report aims to help you protect and grow your wealth, and this podcast provides essential knowledge based on objective analysis for a better understanding of the political and economic issues that undermine financial security today.