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Joel Nagel Mediates Anonymous Donation of 100,000 USD for Belize ACES Wildlife Rescue

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Ambergris Caye-based property developers, ECI Development has announced the donation of $110,000 USD to local conservation non-profit, the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, otherwise known as ACES Wildlife Rescue.

Co-founder of ECI Development, Joel Nagel, recently delivered a check to ACES’s director of operations, Chris Summers. The money, which was gifted by an anonymous donor via ECI Development mediation, will allow the organization to continue providing much needed protection for Belize’s native wildlife and critical habitats.

Permitted by the Belize Forest Department, ACES Wildlife Rescue was originally founded in 2020 with the mission to preserve the country’s crocodile population. Later this remit expanded to preserve all local wildlife and it was registered as a Belize company and non-profit organization in 2021. As an important conservation and rehab center for the Cayes, ACES played a vital role in the aftermath of the recent weather system to hit the region.

On November 2, Hurricane Lisa struck Belize, battering a large section of the Barrier Reef which greatly reduced the storm’s impact on the mainland. ACES Wildlife Rescue’s director of operations, Chris Summers, commented on the attitudes of local residents with regards to the reef. While he expressed his gratitude for their endless support and concern for the reef, he simultaneously voiced concern for the notable lack of similar attention given to the mangroves. “Neglect of the mangroves will damage Belize’s fragile ecosystem of cause and effect and without the mangrove there would be no reef,” stated Summers.

In the two years since its inception, ACES has cared for 65 different species of native and migratory birds, six species of mammals, 10 species of reptiles and a number of species of plant life, including the mangrove. After struggling financially through the global pandemic, the donation will aid in the expansion of environmental restoration efforts and continued conservation work within Belize’s ecosystem.

“We are so grateful to receive such a generous donation to help us move forward with this important work. Not only will funds be used for the expansion of our facility, massively increasing our rehabilitative capabilities for avians and reptiles, but it will enable us to continue providing 24/7 emergency response for ill, injured or orphaned wildlife. The money will aid in the expansion of environmental restoration efforts and continued conservation work within Belize’s ecosystem.” Said Summers.

Joel Nagel said, “Conservation is essential to nature’s balance and stability. It’s vital to learn to live and integrate with all the components of Belize’s wide range of biodiversity. I wholeheartedly support and believe in ACES Wildlife Rescue’s mission.”

Headquartered in Belize, ECI Development has worked in Central and Latin America for two decades. During this period, the firm has continually ensured to create value across the region through socially responsible activities.

CEO and co-founder of ECI Development, Michael K Cobb, commented: “ECI has been more than happy to support ACES financially, providing volunteers to help them achieve their goals, with representatives of the company also serving on the board.”

In order to extend its partnership, ECI Development has launched its Stay & Impact program, which works to engage hotel guests with onsite organizations, enabling them to volunteer and give back to the community. Guests also have the chance to participate in ACES’s educational wildlife rescue program to discover local flora and fauna, and learn about their important contribution to natural habitats.

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