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Living Word Church’s 2022 Annual Christmas Toy Drive in Belize receives $100,000 BZD donation

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Each year, a fund raiser is held by the Living Word Church (LWC) with the main objective of assisting families with gifts and groceries for the holiday season. Unfortunately, many families lack the basic necessities during what is seen as the best time of the year. 

Passionate about helping island families, Caye Bank chairman Joel Nagel, made an amazing donation of $100,000 BZD to the church in order to assist them with their noble endeavors. The total amount was raised through various sources ranging from clients, shareholders and friends of Caye Bank and ECI Development.

Pastor of LWC, Ian Zaldivar said that he felt “immensely humbled” by the support shown yet again this year, with recognition to the dedication shown by Joel Nagel and his teams. The pastor began small when initiating this now annual project and never gave up on his dream of creating joy across the community where he and his ministers reside. In 2010, the opportunity arose for him to meet Joel, which launched the dream into its current magnitude. 

This year, 150 families were able to receive a gracious food basket which will provide them with the basic necessities to continue on past the holidays. The pastor said: “Year after year, Joel has ensured that our goals are met, and even exceeded”. A total of 150 large food baskets, 500 small toys were given during Christmas caroling on December 22 and a quantity of 1,200 quality toys during the initiative on December 23. As per tradition, each child was also given a cupcake and drink.

Nagel understands how much the simplest of joys can mean to those in need during these times, having himself grown up with relatively little. “For a long time, I have made it my personal mission to embrace community and connect through the church. It’s always an honor to be able to contribute to the annual toy drive and be able to witness the genuine impact it has on so many lives.” Joel Nagel commented, “We look forward to it every year.”