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Escape Artist Conference Will Feature Attorney Joel Nagel in December 2018

Attorney Joel Nagel to Speak at Escape Artist Conference

Escape Artist will feature its senior editor and columnist Attorney Joel Nagel as a speaker at its conference in Dallas, Texas from December 1-2, 2018. As chairman of Caye International Bank and managing partner of Nagel & Associates, Nagel’s wide range of expertise makes him an important addition to the conference’s impressive lineup of speakers. He will discuss asset protection, global transactions, investments abroad, and international legal compliance.

About the Conference Escape Artist Conference 2018

The Escape Artist Conference will bring together expats from all over the world with an aim of providing expert advice, content, and success stories to individuals thinking about relocation. Attendees will hear first-hand testimonials about the experiences, benefits, and drawbacks of living abroad from those who have actually chosen to live in another country. The conference also offers an opportunity for attendees to meet like-minded peers who already live overseas or are interested in making the move.

The conference will cover a variety of topics relevant to living abroad, such as work, healthcare, residency and citizenship, real estate purchases, offshore banking, investment options, and retirement. Experts from these fields will be featured as speakers, on panels, and will make themselves available to answer questions from participants about the possibility of moving overseas.

About the Site

Escape Artist is one of the oldest and largest resources in the world and serves as a comprehensive source of information, analysis, and insights for internationally-minded consumers. The online publication and community tries to help any individual who desires to live abroad by providing the best and most accurate information it can about banking, employment and business opportunities, real estate, asset protection, and more.