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Caye International Bank Chairman Joel Nagel to Speak in Belize

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Attorney Joel Nagel Booked to Speak at Conference in Belize

Attorney Joel Nagel will be a featured speaker at the 2018 Belize Advantage 101 Conference, hosted from November 15-18 on the island of Ambergris Caye by Caye International Bank, where Nagel serves as chairman. Nagel’s extensive background and experience in international asset protection and global commercial transaction structures makes him a key figure on the panel of experts attending the conference. The event will provide an opportunity to receive real-world advice from legal, tax, financial, and structure experts both for those looking to get started in the international financial world as well as for those seeking to further grow and protect their wealth. Potential investors can expect three full days of presentations and one-on-one sessions that will allow them to walk away with a formal financial action plan. They will be able to sit down with the experts and discuss the most recent updates in IRS compliance, alternative investment opportunities, and gold-backed loans as well as receive strategic insights and customized solutions.

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Caye International Bank is based in Belize and specializes in offshore banking, including offshore accounts, lending, and investments. The bank provides a safe address for international banking needs and prides itself on its high liquidity rate, with a reserve requirement of 24%, allowing investors to feel secure in their decisions and to invest in opportunities that are not available in the United States. Belize offers a no-tax regime and is considered by many investment banks in the US and Europe to be a preeminent international jurisdiction for banking in the Caribbean and Central America.

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