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Joel Nagel to Speak at 2020 Offshore Escape Summit Online

Joel Nagel will speak at the online Offshore Escape Summit on June 2, 2020. He will give a talk titled Global Asset Protection for a Dangerous World in which he will discuss tax relief, estate planning, and international investments through global crises. The coronavirus crisis this year has explicitly demonstrated the importance of having a sound plan in place to weather the next situation and that it is not a matter of if but of when. Joel Nagel will be joining a series of other distinguished speakers who will offer invaluable advice on reducing your tax burden, getting a second passport, maintaining privacy, securing data, and properly structuring one’s business and finances abroad.

The Offshore Escape Summit

The Offshore Escape Summit will be held online from June 1 until June 5 and will be hosted by bestselling author and international speaker Mikkel Thorup. The summit is geared for people who are interested in living overseas and moving their wealth offshore as well as for people who just love personal freedom. It will be packed with speakers seeking to educate and inspire listeners to set up a strategy for success using proven methods in the international arena.

Offshore Escape Summit - Day 2 with Joel Nagel