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Centimillionaire Fireside chat with Joel Nagel

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“You don’t need a lawyer to break the law, you need one to stay within the law,” replies Joel Nagel in his chat with Richard C. Wilson about building success and protecting wealth. 

Richard Wilson Family Office Club
Richard Wilson, Founder and CEO of The Family Office Club

Richard Wilson founded The Family Office Club in 2007, the largest membership-based family office association with over 1,500 registered members and over 11 million followers on social media. 

He has hosted over 200 conferences in 17 countries, globally, interviewing CEOs and investment professionals about various topics. 

Richard begins the interview by mentioning Joel’s extensive experience in advising high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses on international structuring, asset protection, and legal frameworks. 

In this thought-provoking conversation, Joel delves into his journey to financial prosperity, while exploring the legal and strategic considerations essential for safeguarding assets in today’s globalized landscape. 

To succeed, one needs to differentiate oneself from those around you. It’s not just a case of thinking about how to make money; it’s thinking about how to save, protect, preserve and pass on what money they already have. 

There are a number of principles and strategies involved in asset protection. The first important factor is valuing clients, making sure their goals and objectives are achieved. Building connections is a necessary part of success. “Once people feel comfortable with you, you enter their sphere”, says Joel. These relationships are the reason he has became a member of over 30 corporate boards and found a number of opportunities to co-invest in brands.

The interview finishes by discussing the nuances involved in offshore ventures and explains how strategic planning can create a robust shield against economic uncertainties.

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