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Caye International Bank Makes Banking in Belize Look Good

Caye Named Best Offshore Private Bank in Latin America in 2019

This September, Caye International Bank was named the Best Offshore Private Bank in Latin America by Wealth and Finance International. Caye International Bank is no stranger to accolades—in 2018, it was named the Most Outstanding Offshore Bank in Central America. It was also named Best Private Bank in Belize by Global Finance Magazine in 2018 and 2019.

The current award highlights Caye’s resolve to keep up its outstanding customer service and excellent financial products such as its innovative gold loan program. Recent innovations include finalizing two new correspondent relationships with TS Bank of Iowa and Bancredito of Puerto Rico as well as offering a Visa debit card through Es Solo, a Florida-based tech company.

Joel Nagel, the chairman of Caye International Bank, commented: “Caye has built its reputation on quality products and services. The team at Caye is committed to the highest standards of integrity, dependability, and innovation in the financial marketplace.”

Belize — The Natural Choice for Caye International Bank

Belize was chosen specifically to serve as the location of Caye International Bank for several key reasons. First, English is the official language of Belize, which immediately eliminates any issues and misunderstandings caused by language barriers. Second, the actual location of Belize makes communication with North America easy, since it is in the Central Standard time zone, which is the same as the Midwest. Finally, the exchange rate between the Belize dollar and the U.S. dollar is tied at a 2:1 ratio, making it quite simple for clients in the U.S.

Most importantly, however, it is Caye International Bank’s reputation for outstanding financial solvency, stability, global compliance and customer service that makes it so successful. That is what the most recent award is really all about. Chairman Nagel also gives full credit to the bank’s staff, board, and loyal clients for making Caye what it is today. finance, stocks, bank