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First BAPA Concert Performed

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The Belize Academy of Performing Arts Charms San Pedro

The Belize Academy of the Performing Arts (BAPA) symphony recently put on its very first performance in San Pedro Town. This was a special occasion as BAPA had only recently been launched in May of 2019 with the goal of developing Belize’s unique musical heritage and creating a national symphony. The academy’s symphony is made up of trained classical musicians, music teachers, and music students. The person responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization is Peter Illavsky, an internationally renowned cellist.

A Great Collaboration of Musicians from Across the World

BAPA’s first concert took place on 11 January 2020 at the Paradise Theatre with a series of scheduled performances to follow. Seven top musicians from across the globe traveled to Belize to join forces with local musicians for the concerts. The concert in San Pedro began at 7:00 pm after children had been invited earlier in the day to meet Illavsky and the other musicians in Central Park where they were encouraged to play any instruments they own. A complimentary concert was also held on the 12th of January at the Living Word Church for those unable to attend the first.